Charlotte Takes #8 in Top 10 Best Cities for International Students

Charlotte Takes #8 in Top 10 Best Cities for International Students

Students worldwide choose to study in the United States due to the many academic opportunities available and the transformative experiences they can have in the city they study in. 

With that in mind, the latest CommercialCafe study sought out to identify America’s best cities for international students, ranking the cities based on three categories: international student community & support, affordability & green commuting and fun & recreation.

To reflect a fair comparison, they segmented the cities into two population brackets: small to mid-sized and large.

Charlotte boasts the title of the eighth-best city for international students in the country, with an overall score of 43.2 points. Here are some key findings:

  • With average monthly rent and food prices being the second lowest among the top 10, Charlotte takes the 2nd spot in the affordability and commuting category, behind only Houston.
  • The city ranks 4th for the support establishments density metric, with 103 educational support services for every 100,000 undergraduates — a higher ratio than LA, Seattle, Philadelphia and Boston.
  • With a density of recreational establishments with 297.8 venues per 100,000 residents, Charlotte also came in 6th in the fun and recreation category.



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