Charlotte Council About To Vote on $4.2 Billion 2025 Budget w/ Increased Property Taxes

Charlotte city leaders are about to officially vote on the $4.2 billion FY 2025 Charlotte City Budget tonight.

City officials have spent weeks adjusting the plan, including a potential 1.5-cent property tax increase. They also added $1 million for the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department after the April 29th shooting that tragically left 4 officers dead.

The proposed budget includes a $898 million general fund, $1.2 billion for Charlotte Douglas, $326 million for CATS, and $785 million for Charlotte Water.

2025 budget

The proposed 2025 budget includes the following key points:

  • Property Tax Increase: 1.5¢ increase, split into operating (0.9¢), capital (0.3¢), and arts and culture (0.3¢).
  • Employee Investments:
    • 5% pay increase for hourly employees in FY 2025.
    • Minimum pay raise to $23 an hour for full-time city workers.
    • 4% merit pool for salaried employees.
    • 5-7.5% increases for Police and Fire Pay Plan employees.
  • Public Safety Enhancements:
    • $1 million added for Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department.
    • 72 new Fire Department positions.
    • $9 million for 911 Call Center expansion.
    • $11 million for Arts and Culture.
  • Housing and Infrastructure:
    • $100 million housing bond.
    • $238 million for transportation.
    • $55 million for Strategic Investment Areas.
    • $50 million for sidewalks and $20 million for Vision Zero.
  • Community and Economic Development:
    • $500,000 for Alternatives to Violence.
    • $250,000 to reduce litter and support previously incarcerated individuals.
    • $36.7 million for economic development partnerships.
  • Capital Investments:
    • $107 million for Fire facilities construction and renovation.
    • $12.5 million to acquire land for future projects.

The council will vote at 5 pm tonight at the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Government Center. The new 2025 budget would take effect on July 1st if approved.

What do you think about the new budget?



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