Charlotte’s Sullenberger Aviation Museum Opening This Weekend (Sneak Preview)

Charlotte’s Sullenberger Aviation Museum will have its grand opening on Saturday.

Retired Capt. Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger attended a preview event last night for select members of the media, surviving passengers of Flight 1549, and city leaders.

Sully Sullenberger speaking

A flight from New York to Charlotte lost both engines due to bird strikes. Sullenberger landed the plane in the Hudson River, saving everyone on board.


The fully immersive “Miracle on the Hudson” exhibit will include salvaged passenger and crew items like beverage carts, life preservers and luggage. The museum also features a full theatrical experience taking visitors through the journey of Flight 1549, from takeoff to landing in the Hudson.


“The Sullenberger Aviation Museum has for more than a decade played a crucial role in preserving the history of one of our country’s most iconic aviation events representing the indomitable human spirit and an unyielding dedication to passenger safety,” said Sullenberger Aviation Museum President Stephen Saucier. “But our reimagined ’Miracle on the Hudson’ exhibit isn’t just recounting the past; it’s a catalyst for the future. The Sullenberger Aviation Museum aims to ignite the dreams of aspiring aviators, engineers and innovators who will inherit and perpetuate Capt. Sullenberger’s legacy of excellence, heroism and courage.”

Other notable aircraft that have also moved into the museum’s Main Gallery include a replica of Orville and Wilbur Wright’s original Wright Flyer plane; a Vietnam-era F-4S Phantom II; one of only two existing Skystreak planes used to test breaking the sound barrier; and a TV-1, America’s first operational jet fighter.

Each aircraft’s exhibit will feature a tablet installed with immersive augmented reality (AR) technology where guests can piece together each aircraft’s unique journey.

Regular admission to Charlotte’s newest museum is $24 for adults; $20 for seniors, veterans, military, and educators; and $18 for students (ages 5 to 17). Members and children under five are always free.

Tickets can be purchased here:



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