Airbnb Reveals Charlotte as Top City In America for Gen Z Pride Travelers

As we head into Pride Month, Airbnb just released new data related to Millennial and Gen Z Pride travelers worldwide.

Over the past five years, the company saw 300% surge in nights booked by travelers heading to pride festivals around the world.

Key Pride 2024 Findings:

  • Generation Comparison:  Below is a list of cities that have seen the highest percentage of nights booked on Airbnb by Gen Z and Millennials during Pride celebration weekends across the US and Canada. It includes a mix of surprising and unexpected Prides combined with some of North America’s most iconic Pride celebrations:
      • Salt Lake City, UT 
      • Charlotte, NC 
      • Cleveland, OH 
      • Orlando, FL
      • Miami, FL
      • New York City, NY
      • San Juan, Puerto Rico 
      • West Hollywood, CA –
      • Richmond, VA
      • Minneapolis, US 
      • Vancouver, Canada 
      • Phoenix, AZ 
      • Toronto, Canada 
      • San Diego, CA 
      • Big Sky, MT
      • San Francisco, CA 
      • Portland, OR 
      • Saint Paul, MN 
      • Washington, D.C. 
      • Dallas, TX 



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