Sheriff Issues Warning About Ape On The Loose in South Carolina

An escaped ape is currently at large in South Carolina, prompting an alert by authorities to be on the alert.

The Colleton County Sheriff’s Office announced via social media that they are actively addressing the situation involving “the loose primate/ape” wandering around Mallard Street in Walterboro.

Colleton County Animal Control has joined forces in the search operation of the escaped animal.

The animal’s owner is reportedly collaborating with authorities and seeking additional support to secure its capture.

A bystander released the following video of the suspected ape:

Residents residing in the vicinity of Hiers Corner Road and Mallard Street are advised to exercise caution with their pets outdoors as a preventive measure, as per Colleton County deputies.

Individuals are urged to contact the Colleton County Sheriff’s Office promptly at 843-549-2211 if they spot the animal.



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