Myrtle Beach Turning Into The Caribbean With Dreamy Clear Blue and Turquoise Waters

Residents and tourists along Myrtle Beach and the Carolina Grand Strand, are witnessing an unusual and spectacular sight—the ocean has turned an enchanting shade of Caribbean blue. This phenomenon has sparked a flurry of social media posts and discussions.

Typically, Myrtle Beach waters appear brown this time of year due to churned-up sediment, phytoplankton, and sewage spills floating closer to the surface. These microorganisms and sediment refract light differently, making the water look “dirty” or brownish. NASA’s Ocean Biology Processing Group explains that the scattering and absorption of sunlight by suspended particles and phytoplankton influence the water’s color.

This year, however, the Atlantic Ocean has remained surprisingly calm, with no tropical storms or hurricanes to stir up the waters. Additionally, light offshore winds have allowed sediment to settle near the ocean floor. Consequently, locals and visitors are mesmerized by the clear, beautiful blue waters.



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