Charlotte Hosting A Non-Alcoholic ‘Mocktail’ Festival Next Month – The Drink Less Fest

Get ready dry partiers. A new non-alcoholic mocktail festival is kicking off next month in the heart of NoDa.

The upcoming ‘Drink Less Fest’ is being organized by the Charlotte area’s only non-alcoholic dessert bar, The Roaring Social. It will take place on Sunday, June 2, from 11-6 pm at Pine 828 near the intersection of Sugar Creek and North Davidson St.

Attendees can sample a ton of different creative sparkling teas, alcohol-free wines, zero-proof cocktails, and Delta 8/9 drinks. The festival features a tasting tour, cocktail workshops, and food pairing sessions with non-alcoholic wines. Food trucks will be available for lunch, followed by a panel discussion on workplace drinking. Speakers will include author Brooke Scheller, sober coach Heather Lowe, and Zero Proof Nation founder Laura Silverman.

Tickets are $50 each and can be purchased on EventBright here.



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