U.S. Forest Service Issues Alert After Coyote Attack On NC Hiking Trail Just East of Charlotte

North Carolina National Forests officials just a send out an emergency press release urging caution to anyone visiting the Uwharrie National Forest (just East of Charlotte) after yesterday’s coyote attack.

Rangers say the coyote attack happened early Saturday morning on the Uwharrie trail between Lake Tillery and Big Island Creek.

Forest Service and state officials have now joined forces to attempt to locate the coyote or coyotes responsible for the attack.

Encountering coyotes and other wildlife can be a common occurrence when visiting the Uwharrie National Forest, and the results can be unpredictable. For both personal safety and for the protection of wildlife, visitors should follow these basic steps:

Know before you go—contact the District Ranger’s office (open Monday-Friday from 8 a.m.-4:30 p.m.) or visit the National Forests in North Carolina’s webpage (www.fs.usda.gov/nfsnc) for the latest alerts and safety information.

Never approach any wildlife, when in the forest. If an animal appears to be in distress, contact the District Ranger’s office or county animal control.

When camping, make sure to secure all food and trash to avoid attracting wildlife. Prepare food at least 100 yards away from sleeping areas.

If you are injured during an unintentional encounter with wildlife, seek immediate medical attention.



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