Red Bull’s ‘Dance Your Style’ Global Street Dance Competition Coming To Charlotte

Red Bull Dance Your Style announces its return to Charlotte for a City Qualifier. A field of sixteen dancers from across the region will put their best foot forward in head-to-head competition, as they attempt to advance their way to the US National Final in Atlanta, Georgia.

Red Bull Dance Your Style is a global all-styles street dance competition with a unique battle format. The event brings together the best dancers from the nation who represent a multitude of mainstream and underground dance styles such as popping, waacking, turfing, house, footwork, clowning, and more. Through a bracket-style competition, dancers battle one-on-one to surprise music selections, showcasing the spontaneous nature of street dance and challenging competitors to adapt their moves on the spot. With no planned choreography, pre-selected music, or a panel of judges, dancers must win the crowd’s vote to move to the next round.

In 2024 Red Bull Dance Your Style is continuing its legacy of highlighting street dance communities across the county by expanding its competition cycle to include nineteen city auditions hosted throughout the US. These City Qualifiers give dancers of any experience level, background, and style the chance to compete on the official Red Bull Dance Your Style stage.

Winners of the City Qualifier will advance to one of the Regional Qualifiers in Chicago, Memphis, Boston, or Los Angeles. There, dancers take center stage and showcase the unique styles and iconic dances born out of their city, battling for a chance to compete at the National Final. From the captivating footwork of Memphis Jookin to the raw intensity of krumping and everything in between, Red Bull Dance Your Style is more than a competition; it’s a celebration of local dance scenes and diverse talents across the country.

“Red Bull Dance Your Style is an essential platform for the dance community. It takes dance battles to the next level, giving dancers of any background a space to show off their unique style and connect with other artists from around the world. It’s a genuine celebration of different cultures,” says David “The Crown” Stalter, the 2022 Red Bull Dance Your Style National Final USA Champion. “It also allows the audience to appreciate the improvisational nature of battling and makes them feel like they are part of the experience through crowd voting.”

Following the qualifier season, the Red Bull Dance Your Style National Final and Weekender USA in Atlanta will set the stage for regional champions, runners-up, and a line-up of invited dancers (wildcards) to battle it out for the U.S. national championship title and the opportunity to compete at the World Final in Mumbai, India.


Trio Nightclub

1513 S Mint St, Charlotte, NC 28203


Doors open at 5:00pm

Competition Begins at 6:30 PM

Tag @redbulldance + @triocharlotte

Hashtag: #RedBullDanceYourStyle

DJ Micki Blendz

Hosts Xtra + Ohavia Phillips



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