City Leaders Approve Turning 125 Acres of South Charlotte Farmland Into Dense Housing

Last night, Charlotte zoning and development leaders approved a new development in south Charlotte, located near Waverly on Tom Short Road.

The Cato property, currently farmland spanning 124.6 acres, will be rezoned from MX-1 (INNOV) to MX-2 (INNOV) with 5-year vested rights.

Childress Klein Properties and Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools are behind the project, which will bring over 900 apartments, townhomes, houses, and a middle school to the area.

This decision comes after a public hearing on March 18th where residents protested the massive new project, saying it would increased traffic congestion in an already crowded area. Developers, however, argued the benefits of the new project, including preserving some natural areas, and a new school to alleviate overcrowding at Jay M. Robinson Middle School.

The new development will turn this rare slice of Charlotte nature:

into this:

What are your thoughts on this new South Charlotte development?



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