Armed Stalker Caught on Camera Attempting To Shoot NC Couple In Their Home

In a disturbing event captured on a home security camera in North Carolina, a man was seen brandishing a gun outside a residence around 11 p.m. on a Saturday.

The homeowners, initially unsure of the individual’s identity, speculated it could be law enforcement or a youth with a non-lethal weapon, according to WLOS.

The footage showed the man, later identified as Tyler Messer, examining his weapon before hastily leaving the scene, which appeared to be due to a misfire. The residents of the McDowell County home remained concealed indoors until police arrived.

Messer was apprehended by the McDowell County Sheriff’s Office the following day and faces charges of assault by pointing a gun, trespassing, and stalking. This incident marked his repeated unauthorized presence at the property.

After sharing the video on Facebook, homeowner Brooks was informed by a respondent that Messer had previously visited their home three times. Additional charges against Messer are expected, although his motive remains undisclosed. He is currently detained with a bond set at $200,000.




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