Six Carolina Teams Selected For This Year’s March Madness Tournament

The unveiling of the full March Madness bracket has set the stage for 68 teams to vie for this year’s national championship.

Among these contenders, six teams hail from the Carolinas, with an equal split between the two states. From North Carolina, the representatives are North Carolina, NC State, and Duke, while South Carolina is represented by South Carolina, Clemson, and Charleston.

Duke has secured the #4 seed and is slated to face the #13 seed Vermont on Friday, March 22, in Brooklyn. NC State, with the #11 seed, will compete against the #6 seed Texas Tech in Pittsburgh on Thursday, March 21. The #1 seed UNC is scheduled to play against the #16 seed, which will be the winner of the Howard vs. Wagner match, in Charlotte on the same day.

Charlotte will be hosting a total of four games during the tournament’s initial round at the Spectrum Center, all scheduled for this coming Thursday (you can buy tickets for any of the March Madness Charlotte games here).

The matchups include Mississippi State vs. Michigan State, Tennessee vs. St. Peter’s, and Texas vs. Colorado State/Virginia, in addition to North Carolina’s game against the Howard/Wagner winner. The subsequent rounds will see the victor of the UNC/Howard/Wagner match facing off against the winner of the Mississippi State/Michigan State game, while the Tennessee/St. Peter’s game winner will compete against the victor of the Texas/Colorado/Boise State match.

This year’s tournament not only showcases the athletic prowess of the participating teams but also highlights the Carolinas’ significant contribution to the national collegiate basketball landscape.

You can see the full bracket and pick your winners here.



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