Top 3 Ways Charlotteans Are Fighting Back Against Front-Porch Package Thieves

Last year, there were an estimated 23 million Americans who had their packages stolen from their front doorsteps, and that number is only expected to increase as more people change their shopping habits from in-store to online.

But with the increase in package thefts, there are a variety of new ways online shoppers can fight back and ensure a safe package delivery.

This year’s most frequently used safeguarding methods include;

#1 Changing Delivery Address

Many people are now choosing the have their packages delivered to an alternate address where they know someone will be there to receive it. Many people are now changing their delivery address to the home of a retired relative or neighbor, or to someone they know works from home – some are even having their packages delivered to their offices.

#2 Amazon Lockers

Amazon Lockers were installed around the Charlotte region about a year ago.

According to their website, “To use an Amazon Locker as your shipping destination, find a Locker and add it to your Amazon address book. Then, during checkout, select the Locker as your shipping address. Once your package has been delivered, we will email you a unique 6 digit code. Simply visit your selected Locker and enter the code on the Locker’s touchscreen, then remove your package after the Locker’s door opens.”

Charlotte is now home to 20 ‘Amazon Lockers’ than any Amazon customer can use for free;

#3 Install an Outdoor Security Cam

Many companies like Canary, Nest, and Blanche are now selling outdoor wifi-enabled security cameras that allow homeowners to record or monitor their porches in real-time from their smartphones.

While these may not stop a thief, they do let you know the exact moment your package is delivered, allowing you to run home and grab it or ask one of your neighbors to bring it inside.

Have you ever had a package stolen? 

Let us know how you keep your packages safe in the comments below; 



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