City Council Approves Massive Wells Fargo Signs on Iconic ‘Handlebar Building’

Charlotte’s skyline is about to become more commercialized with the addition of massive corporate branding signs on one of our most iconic skyscrapers.

Our city’s second-tallest building, formerly known as the Duke Energy building, will soon feature a massive Wells Fargo logo on either side of the iconic ‘handlebar’.

In a unanimous decision on Monday night, the Charlotte City Council approved Rezoning Petition 2023-129 – the addition of “Wells Fargo” signage atop the 550 South Tryon tower.

The approved signage consists of two signs, each covering 1,880 square feet, to be mounted on the building’s top cross section.

Initially, there were reservations about the proposal, with concerns raised at a previous zoning meeting regarding the signs’ size and the potential for light pollution. However, these concerns were ultimately addressed, and the council now says the new signs align with the Charlotte Future 2040 Comprehensive Plan.

Completed in 2010, the tower has been a key feature of Charlotte’s uptown skyline. Initially called the Duke Energy Center (or ‘tower of power’), Duke eventually moved their headquarters and leased the majority of the tower to Wells Fargo.

What do you think about the new signs?

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