Charlotte 49ers Make History With Record Win Streak

Charlotte 49ers Make History With Record Win Streak

The UNC Charlotte 49er’s men’s basketball team just made history by securing an eighth consecutive conference game victory in front of a sold-out crowd this past weekend (their first sell-out since 2013).

The game began with a tight first half, with the 49ers narrowly leading 26-24 at the break. Charlotte then came back strong in the second half, outscoring East Carolina University 41-28, making history and maintaining their lead in the conference standings.

“Extremely proud of our guys,” said Charlotte Head Coach Aaron Fearne in a press release. “I want our players, students, and the community to have an unbelievable experience.”

Their victory over East Carolina University now ranks them nationally, tying for the 7th-longest active winning streak in the country.

The 49ers now face off against South Florida this week as they set their sites on a national championship.



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