Bridge in Fort Mill Collapses After A Weekend of Flooding Rain

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The largest bridge in Fort Mill’s Anne Springs Close Greenway collapsed yesterday following heavy rainfall over the weekend.

It was the only vehicle bridge in the 2,100 acre nature preserve, linking the Trestle Trail and Mill Pond Trail near the intersection of Merritt Rd and Springfield Parkway. The bridge had recently undergone a $160,000 renovation and was still closed at the time of yesterday’s washout.

In a statement, the Greenway said, “The affected area has been cordoned off, and we kindly ask everyone to avoid the vicinity until further notice. Safety precautions are in place, and we appreciate your understanding.”

Immediate plans are in place to demolish the damaged structure within the next 30 days, while the timeline and budget for its replacement remain uncertain.

The area around the collapsed bridge has been cordoned off for public safety, and no injuries have yet been reported.



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