Duke Energy Launches New Green Program – NC Users Can Now Buy Renewable Credits

Duke Energy just launched a new program to boost renewable energy throughout our state.

The Renewable Advantage program focuses on wind, solar, and biomass energy sources, all certified by Green-e Energy. Duke Energy provides transparency by disclosing details about each certificate.

Additionally, each block of renewable energy purchased results in a 50-cent donation to support solar installations and education in North Carolina K-12 schools through NC GreenPower.

Between November 15 and December 15, the first 1,000 residential customers of Duke Energy who subscribe to the Renewable Advantage program will see a tree planted in their name, thanks to the One Tree Planted organization. Over 8,000 customers are already part of the program, where each $4 purchase supports the generation of 250 kilowatt-hour (kWh) blocks of renewable electricity. Customers can buy as many blocks as they need, with the typical residential usage being around 1,000 kWh per month.

Duke Energy emphasizes that they don’t profit from Renewable Advantage, with all fees going directly to acquiring renewable energy certificates (RECs) and program administration.

“More than half of Duke Energy’s generation in the Carolinas is already carbon-free and renewable energy plays an important role in helping further reduce carbon and serve our state’s growing energy needs,” said Kendal Bowman, Duke Energy’s North Carolina state president said in a press release. “Renewable Advantage gives customers an easy option to support renewable energy and help reduce your environmental impact related to electric usage.”

The partnership with One Tree Planted has a global impact, as the organization has planted nearly 93 million trees in over 80 countries since 2014. This contributes to reforestation efforts after natural disasters, biodiversity habitat restoration, and watershed stability.

By joining the Renewable Advantage program, customers not only support clean energy but also contribute to a greener and more sustainable world.



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