Charlotte’s Record-Breaking Year: How CRVA Drove a $1.08 Billion Economic Boom

The Charlotte Regional Visitors Authority (CRVA) has just released their new 2023 year end report, showing a record-breaking $1.08 billion economic impact across our city over the past 12 months. The previous record of $1.06 billion was set in 2019, right before Covid hit.

The CRVA manages most of Charlotte’s biggest facilities, including the Bojangles Coliseum, Ovens Auditorium, Charlotte Convention Center, NASCAR Hall of Fame, and the Spectrum Center.

Key Takeaways from the Report:
  • Unprecedented Visitor Influx: The city welcomed a record 30.6 million visitors, showcasing our growing reputation as a tourist hotspot of the South East.
  • Significant Economic Contributions: These visitors played a crucial role in the local economy, with their spending totaling $7.3 billion. A notable $5.3 billion of this was spent in Mecklenburg County, indicating a 31% growth rate from the previous year.
  • Leisure Marketing’s Dominant Role: The largest chunk of this past year’s economic impact, approximately $615 million, came from leisure marketing involving strategic investments in marketing and media to attract tourists from across the country.

The CRVA’s Impact Report for FY 2023 marks a historic year for Charlotte, with its visitor economy reaching new heights. The city’s thriving tourism sector, driven by strategic initiatives and community-focused efforts, positions Charlotte as a leading destination with a bright future ahead.



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