Lt Gov Mark Robinson In Hot Water After Israel Proclamation Due To Past Anti-Semitic Remarks

North Carolina’s Lieutenant Governor Mark Robinson is now in hot water after holding a press conference as ‘acting governor’ while Governor Cooper is away in Japan to proclaim a “North Carolina Solidarity With Israel Week”.

The move is being met with criticism from both Democrats and Republicans, who reference Robinson’s past comments that many view as anti-Semitic.

One of Robinson’s most controversial moments came from an interview with Sean Moon on his podcast “The King’s Report”. During the interview, Moon said, “When Hitler genocide all those folks the Jews and the gypsies etc in Germany, the national debt of Germany actually went down, it didn’t go up, it went down – he was paying back the bankers,” to which Mark Robinson replied in agreement saying, “mmhmm, mmhmm, yeah”. During the interview Robinson also agreed with Moon’s wild conspiracies about how the Jews conspired with the Roman Government to kill Jesus, as well as conspiracies about the Rothschild family and George Soros.

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Robinson has also posted numerous controversial things on Facebook over the years. The Jewish Insider publication points to a 2018 post where Robinson uses “a Yiddish slur”, that the Black Panther movie “was only created to pull the shekels out of your Schvartze pockets.”

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Yesterday Governor Cooper characterized Robinson’s declaration as a strategic move to gain traction for his 2024 GOP nomination campaign, saying, “It’s tragically ironic that someone with a long history of hate speech against Jewish people would take advantage of death and destruction in Israel for his own political purposes,”

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