Trump, Pence, and DeSantis Coming To NC Next Month To Speak At GOP Convention

Former President Donald Trump and former VP Mike Pence will join Florida Governor Ron DeSantis as the main speakers at this month’s Republican Party convention in Greensboro.

According to a press release, “The 2023 NCGOP State Convention will be held at the Koury Convention Center in Greensboro, NC June 8-11 and serves as a platform for Republicans from across North Carolina to come together and discuss the critical issues facing our state and our nation”.

The event will be held at the Grand Ballroom A-C, Koury Convention Center, Greensboro, NC.

DeSantis will speak at the Old North State Dinner at 6 p.m. on Friday, June 9.

Pence will speak at the First in Freedom Luncheon at noon on Saturday, June 10.

Trump will speak at the Grand Old Party Dinner at 6pm on on Saturday, June 10.



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